To support and grow regions, communities, organisations and individuals through,

  • Fostering creative/strategic thinking;
  • Planning and development;
  • Training and capacity building; and
  • Engagement and connections.



Integrity: A demonstrated commitment to personal and professional integrity, honesty, authenticity, loyalty and accountability

Professional  and Quality: To employ professional, quality and personalised service delivery within all aspects of my career roles and activities

Helping Others: Fundamental aspiration to assist, support and build on the opportunities of individuals, organisations and communities  

Creativity:Promoting a culture where creative engagement, thinking and methods areencouraged and valued

Innovative Leadership: The pursuit of identifying new ideas that have potential to lead and change the shape of the future

Learning: A sense of responsibility and contribution to community to help build the capacity, skills and knowledge for creating sustainability and growth 



consultinnovate createis a proactive contributor in supporting sustainable futures and opportunities in regional communities through building on creative thinking, strategic development and capacity.



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